Telephone interview? Here’s how you can crack it

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Nowadays, employees are using phone interviews to screen candidates before they call them for a face to face interview. Here are some tips to crack it.

1. Treat it like a face-to-face interview.

Keep your resume handy, even dress formally. It will change the way you speak.

Sit in a quite place, keep resume handy, and dress formally.

2. Stay away from all the distractions.

Find yourself a quite place. Make sure there is no background noise.

3. Smile when you talk.

A smile can be felt in your office. So make the most of it.

Smile when you talk.

4. Listen carefully. Speak slowly.

Focus on what is being asked, and respond accordingly. Sit with a pen and paper if you like. Take time to form your response.

5. Thank and follow up.

Thank the interviewer, and request for a face-to-face interview. Following up can help increase the chances of landing a job.

These are just a few, important tips. There are many many more!
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How to crack a telephone interview?



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