How to greet people in English

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Hello or Hi? Good evening or Good night. 3 simple tips to say good bye to all the confusion with greetings. Use them in an interview, with your family or your friends and Keep Shining!
1. Formal and business greetings when meeting someone for the first time.

Hello. Nice to meet you/ Pleased to meet you.

Bright Tip: Do not say “Nice to meet you” on the telephone!

2. Formal and business greetings when meeting someone you have met before.

Hello. How are you?.


Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Depending on the time of the day.

Bright Tip: Keep in mind that “good night” is only used to say “good bye”when you meet someone late in the day

3. Casual greetings: When you meet friends and family

Hi. To greet friends and family in any casual situation

What’s up? A casual way of asking “How are you?”

So greet right and shine bright.



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