5 simple tips to write an impressive resume and cover letter

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Your resume reaches your interviewer before you do. So make sure it counts.

What makes an unbeatable resume?
  1. Not more than 1 page. Remember the interviewer reads the resume in 10 seconds. Keep the sentences short.
  1. Simple PDF in Times New Roman font that can be read on any computer
  1. Reverse order. List your present and then your past. Be specific about your company and the exact role you played there. “I worked on the development on new softwares for the e-commerce industry.”
  1. Stories matter. Numbers, statistics get more attention. Use them smartly.
    1. Achieved highest sales volume for 4 months in a year. 
    2. Increased  walk-ins by 12%
  1. Skip the personal information.
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A great resume is incomplete without a cover letter. When employers have many resumes, they may first screen the cover letter. Here are some tips.
  1. Don’t repeat the resume.
  1. Use the cover letter to show your personality, curiosity and interest in the field you are applying for. Search a bit on the history of the company, and talk about it in your resume.


If you are applying for a software engineering company. You could mention your interest in how technology is changing while you type this letter.

  1. Less is more. If you can say it in two paragraphs, you are more likely to be read.
  1. Address it to nobody. If you are not sure who will read it. You don’t need to write “To Hiring Manager” or “To Whosoever it may concern”
  1. Send it across in a PDF format.

Remember a great resume and cover letter help, but what helps more is networking. Network on LinkedIn, with friends, school or college alumni to make sure your resume reaches places.

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What do recruiters look for in a resume?


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