Rin Bar

Detergent Soap

Product Detail

New Rin Bar gives dazzling brightness in just One-Stroke

The way you are dressed, is the way you will be addressed. Hence, Rin Bar makes clothes shine like new. Shine with your dazzling brightness for a lasting impression.

Product Detail

Leading scientists at Rin laboratory have developed Rin Bar with Bright Clean Technology. Rin Bar’s One-Stroke action keeps your clothes bright like new, wash after wash.

  1. Wet the cloth by dipping them in water
  2. Wet the bar with water
  3. Apply the bar on the cloth, especially on dirt and stains
  4. Knead the cloth for efficient cleaning
  5. Apply brush to remove tough stains
  6. Rinse the cloth in water till all the detergent is removed. Preferably two rinses.
  7. Keep it out in the sun for drying