Rin Shine Academy is a social initiative by Rin and first of its kind, which offers overall skill development to young aspirants to enable them to work in front facing white collar jobs. It focuses on 3 simple but valuable skills which are English Speaking, Office Dressing and Interview Training.

In today’s demanding world, an organization requires more from candidates rather than just knowledge and experience. Soft skills, relate to a person’s ability to interact effectively with coworkers, managers, vendors, peers and customers. The modules offered by Rin Shine Academy, i.e. English Speaking, Office Dressing and Interview Training are small changes that make a big impact to one’s career. Rin takes the first step to help bridge this gap and make the youth of this country ready for a successful career.

Getting into a job requires a certain level of preparation. The skills required, although simple, might not be completely understood by most of us. Being career ready implies going beyond subject knowledge and possessing the often neglected soft skills, such as confidence, communication skills, good appearance, etc.

Rin understands that just knowing English is not enough; speaking the language correctly and confidently is of utmost importance. The English module focuses on training in spoken English.

We live in a visually oriented world, and people think what they see is what they get. How you dress says a lot about you. Office Dressing is considered to be nonverbal communication at work. The office dressing module helps in understanding the dos and don’ts on how to dress at workplace, hence, helping in creating the right impression on people.

Interviews are your way of impressing your experiences and personality upon an unknown entity. Being fully prepared for an interview, no matter what the position and level is paramount to your success. This module will help in you in preparing for an interview on areas like answering interview questions, body language & behavior.

Rin Shine Academy is a social initiative by Rin so all course fees are borne by Rin.

Rin Shine Academy will be present in Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in its first phase of implementation.

Rin, is one of the foremost detergent brands and believes from time to time one should work towards building the community. Rin Shine Academy is Rin’s attempt to make a positive impact in the lives of its consumers. It is a purely non-profit social initiative conducted by Rin.

Rin Shine Academy offers a one of it’s kind mobile course. This course is designed to allow the busy youth of today to add on to their skills on the go. For the tech-savvy aspirants, it also offers an online course. There are 3 levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced that are provided to the candidate depending on a small aptitude test. There is also a teleconference session which allows the youth to put the skills they have learnt into practice. The teleconference session involves the student getting onto a con-call with 4 other students & a teacher, and it is a real time interaction with a teacher. A student gets a total of 6 tele-conference classes, one after Module 2 of IVR & 5 after Module 10 of IVR.

Rin Shine Academy is just one call away. You can give a missed call to 1800-267-1001 or register on our website www.rin.in.

There is no rigid eligibility criteria for Rin Shine Academy. However, the course is designed to fit those who have passed class 12 and above, both freshers and first jobbers and have a particular proficiency in English.

For selected aspirants, the Rin Shine Academy Mobile and Web course starts as soon as you complete registration. Selected students will receive details for starting the course at the end of registration process. The teleconference course will be limited to a few candidates, and they will be informed of when they can avail it.

Rin understands that the youth of today is engaged in various activities simultaneously and thus provides the Rin Shine Academy Mobile course. There is no classroom course as Rin would like as many youth to benefit from the program as possible, which is only possible online.

The course proceeds at different speeds for every person as it allows one to learn a concept thoroughly before moving forward. The course consists of 3 levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. There are 10 chapters or modules per level which are available on voice or web. Each chapter has 4 to 5 lessons each. The teleconference modules are 30 minute long modules that are made available to a select few candidates on a random basis depending on availability of time slots. A student gets a total of 6 tele-conference classes, one after Module 2 of IVR & 5 after Module 10 of IVR.  The total duration of the course is approx. 250 mins on IVR and approx. 180mins on tele-conferencing.

On successfully completing all units of the course, you get a certificate from Rin Shine Academy and our content partners e-Age and Let’s Talk. The course is considered completed when the student completes all 10 modules of IVR and all 6 Tele-conference classes. On completion of this, the student will get a unique code on SMS, which needs to be entered on the website to download the certificate.

Rin is giving back to the community and does not expect any profit in return. You need not buy a pack of Rin to apply for Rin Shine Academy.

No, this is not a talk time offer.

Rin Shine Academy is an attempt to build skills for the young job aspirants and does not encourage any other way of redemption.

Rin Shine Academy hasn’t applied for any government body or regulatory body for accredition. The certification will be provided by Rin, e-Age and Let’s Talk.

No, you do not get a degree on completion of the course.

Please call the Lever Care number at 1800 10 22 221 for further clarifications.